Building and Planning

Building Inspector
Jules Audet - office 204-353-2214 - cell 204-619-1968 - email -
Jules will be available by appointment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Municipal Office.

The following forms and By-laws are for general information.
Please contact our building inspector to confirm the regulations.

Please contact Manitoba Hydro for any Electrical and/or Gas permits.
All fireplaces, wood stoves and wood furnace installers must be W.E.T.T. certified.
Forms and Guidelines:
Planning and Building Forms:
PLEASE NOTE The following By-laws are for general information.  Please contact our office to confirm the regulations. 
Zoning By-Law 1658-18
Zoning By-Law Amendment 1662-18
Building By-Law 1621-11 

Building /Development Permits/Demolition:
All construction within the Municipality requires a building/development permit.
All farm buildings/structures require a building/development permit.

This includes:
Fencing project requirements:
Drawings to Be Submitted with a Building Permit Application:
A Building Permit Application must be accompanied by two sets of drawings/plans detailing the proposed construction project. The following information and drawings are required:

A Demolition Permit is required for any structure to be demolished. This permit will ensure the assessment on the structure will not be included in the assessed value of the property.

Sub-Division Applications:
Sub-division applications are processed through the Manitoba Community and Regional Planning Offices, located at 1-2210 Saskatchewan W. in Portage la Prairie (204-239-3348) for those interested in sub-dividing property.

The Planning Resource Guide to Subdivision in Manitoba

Subdivision Information Brochure 
Subdivision Application Form

The RM of Cartier will charge a $2,000.00 capital levy fee assessed on each additional lot created through the sub-division.

Building / Plumbing Inspection Requirements:
The Building Inspector requires 24 hours notice when requesting an inspection. Please contact the Building Inspector for the following:
For more information, please contact Jules Audet at 204-619-1968 above or the Municipal Office at 204-353-2214.

Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors Annual Register
The Annual Register of members of the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors is published according to The Land Surveyors Act (C.C.S.M. c. L60).
It is distributed for the convenience of the citizens of Manitoba to ensure access to the profession when seeking advice or surveys with respect to land within this Province. Only those individuals listed as Practising Members are entitled to engage in the practise of land surveying within Manitoba. 2019 Land Surveyors List.