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Brown Water Update (Posted on November 26, 2018)

CRCWI and RM Update on Water Issues (Posted on November 7, 2018)

CRCWI Apology for Brown Water


Notice – Waterline Flushing on December 13, 2018 (Posted on December 12, 2018)

This notice is to advise residents that Public Works will be flushing the waterline on Lido Plage near Roblin Blvd.  The line flushing is being done in an effort to alleviate some of the brown water issues that residents have been experiencing.

The flushing will begin at approximately 8:30 AM and continue for approximately 7 hours.

Please contact the office at 204-353-2214 or Andrew Waldner, Public Works Manager at 204-791-9347 if you have any questions.

Manganese in Water (Posted on November 1, 2018)

ODW provided the Cartier Regional Water Coop with a link to a Manganese brochure (link can be found below). 

Manganese has been the big contributor to the coloured water issue.

Disturbances and coloured water issues will come up from time to time. The Cartier Regional Water Coop tries to mitigate coloured water events as best as possible but distribution issues can occur at anytime.

The CRCWI has stated that running taps to try and flush the lines is optional and residents do not have to run their taps if they don’t want to.

Manganese in Brown Water

Notice regarding Brown Water (Posted on October 31, 2018)

Line flushing was done at the Cartier Regional Water Plant during the week ending October 26, 2018. During the process, sediment was stirred up in the lines.

The Cartier Regional Water Co-op has suggested running taps to try and flush the brown water through the lines.

It is recommended not to consume the brown water but it is safe for other uses.

If you continue to have brown water past the week ending November 2, 2018, please contact us so we can investigate it further with the Cartier Regional Water Co-op.