St. Eustache

St. Eustache Church with BellsHow St. Eustache Began

The settlement/parish now known as St. Eustache began in the early 1800’s on the North side of the Assiniboine River in the Baie St. Paul area where Highways 26 and 248 meet. Early flooding conditions justified the move to the south side of the river in 1852/53 where the town stands today.

The Catholic Church was the centre of the community in those early days, so much so, that after the community moved south, the church was moved piece by piece across the river, through marsh land, and mud bogs, to be reassembled in the new town site. By 1904 that original church was replaced by the one that remains today. The church also received bells from France in 1924 which have been designated a historical monument.

Early settlers were of French and Metis descent although today the population is very diverse. The community hosts a Catholic Church, French Immersion School, year round recreation facility, businesses, and senior housing.

Fun fact: St. Eustache is the patron saint of hunters and this name was chosen as a tribute to the Metis families that made up a large part of the community.

Right Side: St. Eustache Church with Bells