Lido Plage

Lido PlageLido Plage in the Beginning

Nestled alongside the Assiniboine River west of Headingley and south of the TransCanada highway, the area now known as Lido Plage has undergone many transformations over the last 100 years. It began as a race track in the early 1900’s featuring sulky races. From 1906-1931 the area was used as a gated horse pasture that doubled as picnic grounds (for a 25 cent fee to open the gate!).
In 1931 the area was developed into a resort area with beautiful beach, trees, small store and gas pump. It was at this time the official name of Lido Plage was bestowed; Lido for a town in France and Plage meaning beach. The area proved to be incredibly popular and a dance hall with live music, restaurant, picnic areas, outdoor entertainment venues, and cabins were developed and enjoyed until the early 70’s. In the 80’s the area was developed into a rural residential community.

Today Lido Plage remains a tranquil residential community where a rural lifestyle can be enjoyed in close proximity to the city.

Fun fact: Lido Plage held an annual "Old Timers & Pioneers Picnic” that raised money in support of the Canadian Red Cross (beginning in 1939) for almost 30 years. Some of the favorite contests were Red River Jigging, Old Time Fiddling and Square Dancing!

Right Side: Lido Plage Beach 1932