SpringsteinHow Springstein Began

In 1898, Alonzo Springstein, an American immigrant of Dutch descent, purchased 1,950 acres of virgin prairie land which included the area which became the town of Springstein. He was instrumental in developing the community, breaking and planting the land, initiating the C.P.R. siding and establishing a post office. After Mr. Springstein’s sudden & untimely death in 1902 the land remained in limbo until 1911 when F.A. Bean Properties of Minneapolis purchased it and contracted 10 Mennonite immigrant families from Russia to work the farmland in 1924. Through the hard work of the Mennonite pioneers, low lying swamp land was turned into fertile farmland. Mennonite pioneer John Martens, was instrumental in establishing the school and church, as well as planting trees along what would later become streets.

Today the church still stands but the school and post office have disappeared. The town is still surrounded by farmland and, although many Mennonite families remain in the area, the community is made up of people with diverse ethnic heritages.

Fun fact: The land in the Springstein area used to be so low and swampy that people were able to canoe all the way from Headingly to Starbuck!

Right Side: Springstein School in 1926