Elie Dufresne How Elie Began

Elie began in 1890 as a flag stop for the C.N. Railway. Originally known as "De Tank" because of the large water tank used to fill the steam engines, the area did not receive its’ official name until August 1, 1898 when the first post office was established. In the meantime the area was called a variety of names including "De Tank”, "Patenaude" (after a Hudson’s Bay Land Agent), as well as "Dufresne” after Elie Dufresne who developed the town’s first church, convent, and school. Because there was a location East of Winnipeg already known as Dufresne, this caused some confusion so Elie was chosen as the town’s official name.

The town remains as one of the central hubs of the Municipality today. Besides the municipal office, there is a school, church, recreation facilities, financial institute, businesses and a strong residential base in the town.

Fun fact: Some records attribute the town’s name to Elie Chamberlain, a merchant of the times, but most attribute the name to Elie Dufresne whose ancestors still live in Elie today.

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