LUD of Elie

Elie is located 30 minutes west of Winnipeg on the TransCanada Highway. Community services include municipal water and sewer, natural gas infrastructure and high-speed internet service. A variety of fully serviced residential and commercial lots are available for development.

LUD of Elie Boundary Map

Business services include a health care centre, licensed daycare, bank, post office, pharmacy, grocery store, gas station, automobile service centre, farm equipment service centres, recreational vehicle sales and service and an insurance agency. Please check the Business Directory for a complete listing.

Located in Elie is St. Paul's Collegiate, which covers Grades 7 through 12. It is a "dual-track" school offering education opportunities in both English and French.

If you have any questions regarding the services and amenities in Elie, please contact us.

Dan Bouchard(204) 353-2978
Craig Schrader (204) 872-5809
Steven Smart(204) 353-2014
Christa Vann Mitchell (204) 353-2064